The automated comprehensive service to achieve the perfect paint finish

At Safetykleen we know that a clean spray gun is critical to achieving the perfect paint finish.

Our Paintkleen automatic spray gun cleaning machines, backed-up by our comprehensive “machine + service” packages, deliver the ultimate in cleaning performance, cleaning guns in an automated process leaving operators to continue with other operations.

Save Cost: If a spray gun is not cleaned correctly it can lead to re-work; this can prove costly in terms of materials, paint and time. Our comprehensive service programme reduces that risk, and because the machines are part of a service agreement, there is no capital outlay, no repair costs and if your machine needs replacing, we arrange for you to receive a new one

Save Time: We know time is money in a busy paint shop, so it’s essential that nothing slows you down. Our spray gun cleaning service helps ensure that your spray guns always perform to specification and are always ready to use. We will agree with you a strict service regime, at intervals precisely aligned to your needs

Minimise Waste: Safetykleen’s waste management expertise and closed loop service helps minimise waste, reduce costs and increase your green credentials. The cleaning process is designed to minimise the cleaning solution used to clean your equipment, whilst our waste collection and re-cycling for re-use process ensures overall waste is kept to an absolute minimum


The compact nature of out Paintkleen automatic machines mean they are perfect for use in small paint mixing rooms found in bodyshops.

  • Automatic paint equipment cleaner, cleans guns leaving operators to continue with other operations
  • Ultra compact – allows use of two units side by side for dual paint systems
  • Air purge – suitable for most modern digital equipment
  • Tall switches for elbow use
  • Stainless steel and brass to eliminate rust contamination
  • Fully ATEX compliant for zoned areas
  • Simple operation at a comfortable working height for regular ease of use
  • Highly efficient venting for a safe working environment
  • Final clean rinse and spray-out facilities to fully complete cleaning operation
  • Key safety features incorporated for total peace of mind
Specialist Chemistry

We conduct a full audit of your processes and recommend either a manual or automatic spray gun cleaner, or machine combination, to match the exact demands of the application. We are able to offer paint thinners and aqueous systems for cleaning either solvent based or waterborne paints.

  • Paint Product Directive compliant cleaning thinners or aqueous fluid to suit your application
  • Regular fluid replacement
  • Paint thinner recycled for re-use

What is included in the service?