Productivity, Quality & Compliance

When you choose Safetykleen for all your parts washing and waste management requirements you are assured of a professional, expert and knowledgeable service and a true commitment to environmental compliance.

Safetykleen Outsourcing Solution (productivity)PRODUCTIVITY
  • Fast, effective cleaning machines require minimum operator involvement and frees operators to undertake “value add” tasks
  • Safetykleen’s unique capabilities deliver the maximum cleaning performance with the minimum effort or resource from the customer
  • Our regular service ensures machines are fully operational at all times underpinning customers productivity
Safetykleen Outsourcing Solution (quality)QUALITY
  • High pressure and automated cleaning machines deliver consistent and unique cleaning quality results every time
  • Specific and tailored solutions available to a wide spectrum of industrial segments and needs
  • Safetykleen change fluids at regular intervals maximising cleaning efficiency at all times
Safetykleen Outsourcing Solution (compliance)COMPLIANCE
  • Experts in environmental and waste regulations Safetykleen delivers full regulatory compliance and reduces customer risk
  • Safetykleen considers every aspect of waste reduction within our products, services and operations, we ensure it will be processed to the highest possible level required by the Waste Framework Directive
  • Our product development ensures many of our chemicals are not classed as hazardous use and our parts washers limit operator exposure


Hear from our customers how we have helped deliver the Productivity gains and Quality & Compliance levels required for their businesses:

Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Safetykleen's Aquakleen automatic XL machine offers the load bearing capacity to clean large gearboxes ready for total overhaul, saving significant operator time to meet their customer turnaround times.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies
Alco Valves

Safetykleen's Ultrakleen aqueous parts cleaners have solved Alco Valves component cleaning requirements in compliance with the specification for their products sold into the petrochemical industry.

Alco Valves