Providing solutions to extend aerospace asset life and reduce the industry's carbon footprint



We understand the pressure on aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers to extend component life and find production efficiencies, while at the same time maintaining safety and reducing waste.

Improving fuel efficiency and asset life

Well maintained aeroplanes are more fuel efficient. Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) continues to grow in importance as airlines work planes harder. Our range of aerospace accredited aqueous and solvent parts washers help to extend component life.

Reduction in downtime

Quality and safety are essential. Reducing downtime for maintenance and decreasing operating costs is an industry priority. The Safetykleen scheduled service package is designed to proactively reduce downtime, minimise cost and maintain safety standards.

The importance of Carbon Footprint

Aircraft manufacturers and aerospace suppliers are collaborating to reduce their carbon footprint. Our technology offers lower energy machines which reduce the amount of solvent used.

Waste reduction

Operators continually look for ways to demonstrate waste reduction. Safetykleen provide parts washing and spray equipment cleaning technology that actively reduces waste and a comprehensive waste management system, removing the need for multiple suppliers.

Peace of mind

We take any waste you have produced to the highest possible level required by the Waste Framework Directive and provide a waste management system which recognises the importance of segregation as part of the aerospace industry's green credentials.