Food & Drink

Ensuring equipment meets the demands placed on it by high-speed continuous production processes



Continuous production, hygiene and health & safety are crucial to the food & drink industry. This often involves using machinery that can withstand the pressures of sustained speeds at high temperatures.

Our parts washing services assist maintenance departments with the continuous inspection and repair of machinery, optimising production and assets.

Our waste services are designed to help meet stringent compliance regulations, improve efficiency and reduce both waste and cost.​

Sustained Production ​and Minimum Cost

Food production demands a scheduled programme of maintenance, making it essential to have a
reliable parts cleaning service.

We also work with Original Equipment Manufacturers to prolong machine life and machine tooling in order to minimise cost and reduce waste.

Sustainability and Waste Reduction

Safetykleen offers you a comprehensive waste management service for all your waste streams
that is compliant, accountable and a part of a shared commitment to best practices and continuous improvement.

We help the supply chain demonstrate sustainability best practices, effectively measure waste reduction and assist towards ISO accreditation.