New parts washer for Marbach Werkzeugbau

Employees at Marbach in Stuttgart experience the convenience of washing large heavy components using the new modular Aquakleen automatic parts washers from Safetykleen.

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New Aquakleen automatic modular machines

A standardised machine range, with optional accessories that allow configuration to efficiently meet requirements of specific applications - the new Aquakleen automatic modular range is what the industrial parts washing market has been waiting for.

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New Aqua+ Demo Centres

We are pleased to announce the opening of extensive new demonstration centres supporting the launch of our new Aquakleen automatic+ and JetkleenXL machines.

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New Year, New Fleet

Such a recognisable site on Britain’s roads, the new fleet of iconic yellow vehicles further strengthens Safetykleen’s ability and flexibility to service and meet its customer’s needs.

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New instant action, safe rust removal process using Ultrasonic technology

‘Rustkleen ultra’ combines the performance of Rustkleen with the power of ultrasonic to deliver rapid rust removal for all parts.

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Safetykleen Wins Microsoft Award

Safetykleen wins Microsoft Convergence EMEA 2015 Visionary Award for Manufacturing & Resources.

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