Blog: Paint Stripping Technologies

Our surface treatment experts discuss the technologies available for removal of surface finishes prior to use or re-processing via this blog and new white paper, please read more. Scott Ronald

Scott Ronald (Group Product Manager)The difficulties faced in removing paint can often result in a heavily manual and labour intensive process or the use of hazardous chemicals; both options have inherent risks to operators.

Traditional paint stripping technologies can be separated into two major subsets; mechanical or chemical. Both methods can be very effective, however with ever an ever increasing focus on employee productivity what alternative technologies exist to facilitate an increase in output whilst minimising operator risk and delivering high quality on a consistent basis?

How can I avoid high labour costs and H&S concerns in Paint Stripping?

In many activities it is commonplace to automate labour intensive processes to gain time; this can also be done in relation to paint stripping activities. Combining an automatic process with non hazardous chemistry can provide an ideal solution to many of the challenges posed by more traditional methods.

Waterborne chemical paint stripping

One potential solution is a blend of alcohol, water and an alkalinity booster.

The appropriate equipment or machine will also be needed to apply the paint stripping technology to the component. This should include an appropriate method of heating as traditional elements would be prone becoming less effective and potentially failures due to the build of loose paint on the element itself.


Paint stripping is a task difficult to avoid and requires technical awareness but it does not need to involve labour intensive processes or require the need for hazardous materials to be used exposing operators to unnecessary risks.

With the correct combination of equipment and chemical the paint removal process can become self-contained, virtually operator free and utilize a non-hazardous chemistry.

Safetykleen Paint Stripping and removal methods white paperFREE White Paper: Paint Stripping and Removal Methods

If you wish to find out more our Safetykleen surface treatment experts have produced a white paper discussing the technologies available for removal of surface finishes prior to use or re-processing. Download your copy here