New Aqua+ Demo Centres

We are pleased to announce the opening of extensive new demonstration centres supporting the launch of our new Aquakleen automatic+ and JetkleenXL machines.

Safetykleen Aqua+ demo centres

The new Aqua+ range of multi-stage cleaning machines offer customers a range of front and top loading configurations that easily cope with a wide variety of applications and component sizes. At strategic locations in Madrid, Paris and the manufacturing centre in the UK, Safetykleen have built new facilities to showcase the capabilities and give a hands-on experience of these new machines in a user-friendly environment.

Aquakleen automatic+ logo
Multi-stage cleaning (4 stage) Aqua+The new Aquakleen automatic+ machines are available as a top loading machine, suitable for a wide range of part sizes with large rotational baskets and interchangeable spray arms to ensure efficient and thorough cleaning of a variety of soils. In addition, front loading machines give added flexibility allowing large components, such as engine blocks, to be hoisted onto a delivery trolley at a process stage, then wheeled to the Aquakleen machine and delivered directly into the cleaning chamber. Both configurations allow multi-stage capabilities, including pre-wash, wash, rinse and dry, all programmable via our Aqua+ smart control computer interface.

JetkleenXL logo
JetkleenXL machines combine the hugely popular Jetkleen high pressure manual washing capability, with the front-loading, trolley delivered design, capable of handling similar large, heavy components to the new Aquakleen automatic+ front loading machines. With JetkleenXL an operator can safely and efficiently direct high pressure cleaning to intricate component geometries with maximum cleaning power.

These new facilities have already welcomed customers for a hands-on experience of these new machines. Feedback from visitors, including Aerospace & Rail sectors, has been very positive, resulting in advance sales for a wide range of applications. More demonstration facilities are due to open very soon in Germany & Italy to allow visitors more opportunity to sample the machine capabilities.

All of these machines are supplied with the option to include Safetykleen’s fully serviced machine package, giving customers full peace of mind with professional installation, servicing, machine cleaning, specialist chemistry and waste removal. The productivity gains these new machines offer to cleaning processes are delivered with consistent cleaning quality and compliance to legislation with regard to chemical safety and recycling.