New Aquakleen automatic modular machines

A standardised machine range, with optional accessories that allow configuration to efficiently meet requirements of specific applications - the new Aquakleen automatic modular range is what the industrial parts washing market has been waiting for.

Aquakleen automatic M312, M315, M320

Multi-stage cleaning (modular) Aqua+Aquakleen automatic logo
Safetykleen are pleased to launch a new generation of aqueous parts washing machines following extensive customer research and consultation across a wide range of industries. There has been a marked shift toward safer aqueous chemistry in the past few years, together with automated solutions that offer efficient cleaning of a complex variety of components in a reproducible manner. The Safetykleen Aquakleen automatic machine range offer robustly engineered solutions, combined with chemistry formulations tailored to the needs of automatic cleaning for a variety of component types, materials and contaminants.

Aqua+ enhance logoThis newly engineered extension to the range includes larger machines with the capability to handle larger part sizes and quantities in each cleaning batch. The real “game-changer” however is the ability to specify modular accessories which can “plug-n-play” to adapt these machines to suit the requirements of specific components and application processes. Detergent dosing and DI water refill, oil separators and filtration, steam extraction and hot air drying are all part of the new Aqua+ enhance range of accessories available for these modular machines. There are also different spray bar configurations available to suit a variety of complex component geometries, ensuring the power of the cleaning spray jets is directed to all soiled areas to give the optimum cleaning performance in the minimum cycle time.

Sumitomo M320Sumitomo Drive Technology Ltd recently had one of the largest XL modular machines installed for cleaning their gearbox & drive components as part of their maintenance process. “An absolutely fantastic machine. Whereas it could take the best part of a day to clean down a full gearbox manually, this machine can do it within a couple of hours. Great results and great cost saving due to reduced man hours” commented Stephen Brown, General Manager SMUK. “We use Safetykleen for all our requirements, mainly due to the personal approach of Neil Cooper, Sales & Service Manager. He understands our requirements and is always on the end of the phone.”

As with all products in the range, these new parts washers are supplied with Safetykleen’s unique full service package. After a consultation with our experienced engineers the right parts washer is delivered and installed, with no capital outlay, filled with the correct chemistry and set up to meet the duty cycles of your application. Regular service intervals are included in the contract where the service technician will remove spent chemistry, replace any damaged components, clean and refill the machine ready for re-use. For total piece of mind all labelling and legal paperwork is taken care of and waste is removed for recycling.

For further information and videos showing these new machines in operation please visit here.