New instant action, safe rust removal process using Ultrasonic technology

‘Rustkleen ultra’ combines the performance of Rustkleen with the power of ultrasonic to deliver rapid rust removal for all parts.

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Safetykleen, the experts in surface treatment & chemical application services, has launched ‘Rustkleen ultra’, a fast, virtually operator free rust removal process using safe, water based chemistry for immediate results.

Rustkleen ultraRustkleen chemistry is a water based neutral pH solution that uses a specific blend of molecules to completely remove rust whilst ensuring that even delicate features, plastics and rubbers are not affected during the process. The Rustkleen chemistry causes the rust to decompose and literally fall from the component. In doing so the fluid will darken over time and the removed rust will fall to the bottom as a harmless sediment.

Safetykleen’s new solution combines Rustkleen chemistry with Ultrasonic technology to provide instant results delivering a fast turn-around of parts ready for re-processing. This combination accelerates the rust removal process by harnessing the power of sonically generated pressure waves to accelerate the rust removal process by causing micro-explosions known as cavitations.

safe de rusting of partsWith a choice of sizes and compact, modular design, these machines can be located adjacent to a production process maximising productivity and efficiency. These new machines join the existing range of Rustkleen immersion based solutions offered by Safetykleen. All of Safetykleen’s parts washers and specific application machines are supported with full service packages including machine supply, installation, servicing & cleaning, as well as chemical supply, replenishment and safe disposal in accordance with relevant environmental legislation.

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Safetykleen Rust removal methods white paperNew White Paper:

To support the launch of Rustkleen ultra, Safetykleen’s surface treatment experts have produced a “white paper guide” on the technologies available for rust removal. The whitepaper is freely available to those interested in the safe and efficient removal of rust from components in a wide variety of industrial applications. Download your copy here