New parts washer for Marbach Werkzeugbau

Employees at Marbach in Stuttgart experience the convenience of washing large heavy components using the new modular Aquakleen automatic parts washers from Safetykleen.

New parts washer for Marback Werkzeugbau

Multi-stage cleaning (modular) Aqua+We are very pleased to announce that the Safetykleen branch in Stuttgart has delivered and installed its first of the new Aquakleen automatic modular parts washing machines. The XLarge version installed has a basket diameter of 1,400 mm, a maximum load capacity of 1,000 kg, and has been fitted with a steam extraction condenser stage as an Aqua+ enhance optional accessory.

For our customer, Marbach Werkzeugbau GmbH, Heilbronn, the use of this new automatic parts washer brings a considerable reduction in operator time, coupled with a productivity increase in the washing process. With this new cleaning system, larger and significantly heavier components can now be effectively and efficiently cleaned in situ using a crane hoist to safely position and remove each part.

The photo shows Marbach employees commissioning and testing the machine operation, under supervision of staff from the Safetykleen Stuttgart branch..

Aquakleen automatic logo
The new Safetykleen top loaders from the "Aquakleen automatic" range are our new, innovative, fully-insulated parts washing systems with modular design, and are now also available for our customers across Europe with our Safetykleen full service package. They are part of a new, modular series, with rotating baskets of 900 to 1,400 mm in diameter, load capacities of 500 to 1,000 kg and the ability to crane load components. Aqua+ enhance logoAqua+ enhance are a selection of additional functional accessories that can be specified at time of order, or retrofitted to these new modular machines to give the optimum cleaning solution for the customer process.

Marbach Werkzeugbau GmbH, Heilbronn, is a part of the Marbach Group. You can find out more about Marbach at

For further information and videos showing these new machines in operation please visit here.