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Bochum, Langlau (near Nuremberg)

Number of employees

approx. 75

Annual capacity

approx. 40.000 to 

Storage capacity

approx. 3800 m³

Number of tanks

approx. 160

Distillation units

Several models of installations with different technologies

Fractionising Column Since October 2007 in use at the Bochum site. Using this installation that enables also an aceotropic distillation we are processing spent solvents or "off spec" materials. In this way we are producing high valuable solvents that we bring on virgin specification according to our customers' requirements.

Annual drum handling

300.000 pieces
All trucks are equipped in accordance with ADR for the transportation of wastes and hazardous goods

Road tankers

Own special designed tankers with pumps and vacuum devices


Own flat bed trucks

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