Comprehensive range of products to keep your workplace safe, clean and productive



We can help you keep your workplace safe, clean and productive. Our range of cleaning supplies is conveniently delivered via your service representative or alternatively can be ordered and delivered next day directly to your premises.

Creating a safe and environmentally sound workplace is of particular importance to businesses where solvents and heavy duty substances are being used on a daily basis.

We offer a wide range of spill control solutions which can boost your environmental credentials as well as providing a safer working environment.

Spill control solutions

  • We supply absorbents, pads, socks and rolls, spill containment and spill kits
  • We collect used absorbents which are classed as hazardous and recycle them as part of our recycling service.

Specialist cleaning products

  • VOC-free panel wipes for pre-paint preparation
  • Heavy duty hand cleaning wipes
  • Brake cleaner aerosol spray
  • Spray penetrant aerosol
  • Carb-n-Clean aerosol (Carbon remover for fuel systems).

Provide your staff with the best cleansers

  • We can also deliver the proven Deb range of skincare products which include hand cleanser, pre-work cream and after-work cream.
  • All are available from wall-mounted skincare dispensing stations.