Our service makes yours shine

Kleenwipe + wipe logoSafetykleen’s all-inclusive reusable wipe service provides a hassle-free, cost effective and best practice cleaning solution for the removal of oil, grease, solvents and ink from machine tools and plant equipment.

Productivity: Compared to disposables there is no investment in stock, storage or removal. We supply the dispenser and manage the service cycle – your service payment is based solely on what you use

Quality: Highly absorbent and exceptionally resistant wipes ensure a clean and efficient working environment – ideal for cleaning tools and processing equipment

Compliance: A service designed to reduce your carbon footprint: Fewer raw materials and less energy is used compared to disposable wipes. The cleaning process uses low energy technology and all water is recycled

Highly absorbent reusable cloths, tailored to industry specific requirements, are designed to withstand heavy usage and repeated cleaning.
Safetykleen Kleenwipe wipes

Dedicated dispenser units are installed close to operator workstations, ensuring minimum disruption while encouraging better usage control. Clean wipes are easily dispensed, and dirty wipes are simply placed in a sealed compartment ready for collection. Wipes are cleaned and returned to the dispenser for further use, replenishing the unit as part of a continuous service cycle.
Safetykleen Kleenwipe process

Peace of mind

A service consultant recommends the type and quantity of wipes required specific to your application.

Each wipe is cleaned with an anti-bacterial treatment, as part of an environmentally friendly cleaning process. Stringent quality controls are in place to ensure all worn wipes are replaced and all contaminants, including metal swarf, are removed.

Compared to disposable wipes there is no investment in stock, storage, removal or management.

The washing process meets strict quality environmental and health and safety standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001).

Taking care of environmental compliance

The kleenwipe service is designed with waste prevention at its core, this is the highest level required by the Waste Framework Directive. Wipes are produced for continuous re-use and we consider every aspect of the cleaning process. Our cleaning process uses low energy technology and all water is recycled.