Effective non-solvent cleaning for all

The Safetykleen service includes regular chemical replenishment, waste chemical removal and machine maintenance with no capital outlay

Versatile: Suitable for use on all metals, plastics, ceramics, rubbers & many other materials

Effective: Heated aqueous detergent removes grease, oil and shop soils plus fats, inks and modern water borne coatings

Productivity: Flow-through brush for immediate cleaning. Soak facility for stubborn soils

Safe and environmentally-responsible cleaning

The Aquakleen manual parts washers from Safetykleen deliver the cleaning performance of a solvent machine but with the added benefits of aqueous operation. Strong, stable and robust the machine incorporates a soak tank facility which is accessed by simply lifting the perforated drain top.

  • Heated detergent reservoir delivers fast, effective cleaning and aids drying
  • Recirculating fluid system prolongs fluid life and makes cleaning easy
  • Foot pedal operation leaves both hands free for cleaning
  • Closable lid prevents detergent loss and acts as splash back when raised
  • Flow-through brush directs cleaning solution on to parts, sweeping away loosened soils
  • Inbuilt soak tank under working area for softening of stubborn soils prior to brushing
  • 50 kg payload for maximum versatility
  • 240 volt operation. 110 volt available
  • No capital outlay
  • Local support delivered through Safetykleen’s 16 branch network
Specialist Chemistry
  • Safetykleen’s unique detergent formulation is effective on a wide range of soils, and contains a powerful corrosion inhibitor to prevent flash rusting
  • Industrial strength detergent is not classified as hazardous and is non-flammable for increased safety
  • Aerospace-approved detergents available
  • Fresh detergent supplied – and waste removed – at intervals to suit your business. Machine cleaned and serviced at the same time

What is included in the service?