Solvent Parts Cleaning

Outstanding cleaning performance for removing heavy oil and resins


Safetykleen supply a wide range of parts washers with a choice of solvents to meet the exact demands of your application and the specific requirements of your business. Solvents efficiently remove heavy oil, grease, paint, inks, glues and resin from a variety of parts and components.

Peace of mind

It is the unique combination of service interval, correct parts washer and appropriate cleaning fluid that ensures you are guaranteed optimum cleaning performance.

Our comprehensive range of solvent parts washers includes both manual and automatic cleaners:

  • Manual machines are ideal where visual inspection of the cleaning process is crucial and where the operator has only a small number of components to clean.

  • Automatic machines are the best option when you have a number of small parts to clean in a short time frame. Productivity is increased because the machine operator is free to work on other tasks.

  • All machines are designed for safe operation and optimum cleaning performance while reducing waste and environmental impact, by efficiently recirculating solvent and recycling for re-use.