Powerful cleaning for all metal components

The Safetykleen service includes regular solvent replenishment, waste solvent removal and machine maintenance with no capital outlay

Effective: Recirculating system directs solvent right onto the job

Powerful: With a choice of cleaning solvents to match your needs

Hassle-free: Regular hassle-free service so machine is always ready for use

Efficient cleaning and service, tailored to your exact business needs

With Safetykleen’s ever-popular range of Solvkleen manual parts washers, you enjoy premier workshop performance. Proven in thousands of locations for convenient, safe and effective cleaning, each machine model includes the full Safetykleen solvent replacement, waste removal and maintenance package within the price.

  • Ergonomically designed at a comfortable working height
  • Filter system catches small parts and prevents loss
  • Fusible link automatically closes the lid in the event of fire for maximum safety
  • Powerful bulkhead light illuminates the work area without glare
  • Light-coloured sink for good component visibility
  • Heavy duty sink units will take large and heavy components
  • Simple design with large footprint for maximum stability and easy housekeeping
  • Optional flow-through brush helps remove heavy soils
  • Filter and settling system for longer solvent life and waste minimisation
  • 240v, 110v or air-operated
Specialist Chemistry
  • A Choice of Premium, Odourless, Fast or Natural solvents to suit your needs
  • Recirculated solvent is delivered straight on to the component being cleaned
  • Fresh solvent supplied – and waste removed – at intervals to suit your business. Machine cleaned and serviced at the same time

What is included in the service?