Specific Application Services

Specialist services for resin roller cleaning, brake cleaning, cutting oil conditioning, paint removal and de-rusting



Whether you are a fibreglass product manufacturer looking to clean rollers, a small garage that needs a brake and clutch cleaning service, a multinational industrial organisation which needs an efficient de-rusting service, a factory or a machine shop which relies on safe and effective oil conditioning, Safetykleen will provide a tailored service.

Resinkleen logoSafe and effective cleaning of fibreglass resin tools

Resinkleen is an innovative new service developed by Safetykleen for fibreglass product manufacturers looking for a safe and effective solution for the cleaning of brushes, rollers and mixing equipment used in the application of resins and gel coats. 

Kleenstrip logoSafe and environmentally-responsible paint removal

Safetykleen’s water borne Kleenstrip services offer customers market leading performance for affordable monthly prices. Effective Paint removal for many different types of paint. Safe alternative to traditional paint stripping services, Kleenstrip Chemistry is not classed as hazardous where many alternatives are.

Rustkleen logoNon-hazardous de-rusting service

A safe, aqueous-based neutral pH solution that completely removes rust in one simple immersion process. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications, particularly in the Rail industry.

Kleencut logoSafe and effective cutting oil conditioning

Safetykleen's Kleencut system constantly conditions your cutting oil reservoir for optimum performance. The contaminants, which gradually degrade cutting efficiency and generate bacteria, are removed to prolong the oil's useful life.

Brakekleen logo
Aerosol-free brake and clutch cleaning service

A unique two stage cleaning process for garage owners which dampens, traps and removes dust particles, leaving brakes or clutches clean and dry, eliminating costly aerosols and disposal concerns.

Taking care of your waste management compliance

We take any waste produced to the highest possible level required by the
Waste Framework Directive. All machinery provided is fully serviced on a regular basis with the removal of waste fluids being replaced with fresh cleaning solutions. In addition we take care of all the associated compliance paperwork for the waste produced.