Safe and efficient removal of cured paint from components

The Kleenstrip service comprises the machine, regular cleaning fluid replenishment, fully compliant waste fluid removal and machine maintenance - all this and more is included in the price

Productivity: Requires minimal operator input or involvement of 3rd party off-site services

Quality: Effective Paint removal for many different types of paint

Compliance: Safe alternative to traditional paint stripping services, Kleenstrip Chemistry is not classed as hazardous where many alternatives are

Safe and environmentally-responsible paint removal

Safetykleen’s water borne Kleenstrip services offer customers market leading performance for affordable monthly prices. Kleenstrip also allows customers to remove bottlenecks within their own work flows and free skilled labour to undertake more added value tasks than manually scrubbing or blasting paint from components. Kleenstrip allows businesses to complete in house a task that was often previously sub-contracted to a 3rd party, providing a faster flexible service, preventing the need to collect components for stripping until a critical mass was achieved. Due to the labour saving Kleenstrip offers, relative to manual alternatives, businesses can achieve exponential productivity gains, whilst reducing their operating and labour costs by an order of magnitude.

  • Designed to minimise the operator input and allow for greater employee productivity
  • Fully insulated to minimise energy consumption whilst maintaining the optimum operating temperature the Kleenstrip machine is simple to use provides a consistently high quality performance
  • Includes an air curtain and vent to minimise fugitive emissions and operator exposure
  • Additional parts can be added to the stripping tank as required mid-cycle
  • The fluid is continually mixed in use to provide a consistently high level of performance
Specialist Chemistry
  • Safestrip chemistry includes corrosion protection to protect substrates once the paint is removed
  • Safestrip is ideal for the removal of many different paints including polyurethane; acrylic; lacquers; epoxy based, powder coating
  • Not classed as hazardous Safestrip provides the safe alternative to traditional acid or caustic based chemical treatments

What is included in the service?