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PRODUCTIVITY: Wash paint spray guns automatically and manually at the same time to maximise throughput

QUALITY: Clean rinse function ensures all traces of paint removed to prevent colour contamination

COMPLIANCE: Innovative design reduces operator exposure to cleaning chemicals and in addition Safetykleen’s solvent recovery program reduces customers’ waste volumes

Cleaning of spray guns between colour changes is critical to the success of any paint job. The Paintkleen super series provides manual and automatic cleaning to provide precise results every time.

Developed in partnership with the world’s leading providers of paint spray guns and tested to the highest standards the Paintkleen Super Series is the first truly innovative step in paint cleaning technology in more than 20 years.

  • Ultimate spray gun cleaning is achieved, delivering the productivity and quality demanded by leading paint shops everywhere.
  • Manufactured to ensure reliability and enable servicing of the highest standard with minimal downtime for operators.
  • Features include a unique pumps configuration to ensure reliability and provide consistently high productivity levels.
  • The cleaning areas have also been designed to paint contamination is captured and contained ensuring the machine is ready for use each and every time it is needed.

Easy to operate, fully compliant with current legislation and SATA and Anest Iwata approved. The Paintkleen super series range is ideally suited to cleaning uncured paints including solvent & water based paints with conventional HVLP gravity or suction fed guns.

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automatic / manual M713

Paintkleen super series M713 (open left up)

This market leading paint gun cleaner is perfectly adapted for customers that demand the highest quality and productivity in a compact space. This model M713 machine enables automatic washing of one spray gun, whilst a second can be manually cleaned at the same time, using Safetykleen’s auto-lift system.

Patented auto-lift technology
Once the spray gun has been loaded into the automatic wash area, the chamber is able to be lifted out of the main body leaving the manual wash area open and unhindered for manual cleaning. This innovative feature offers a market leading space for manual cleaning within a compact machine footprint

  • Manual and automatic wash functions deliver high quality cleaning
  • Choice of chemistry for solvent or water based paints
  • Suitable for conventional HVLP gravity or suction fed guns
Paint contamination / cleaning solvent Solvent or water borne paints
Spray Gun Compatibility Gravity or Suction type conventional HVLP paint guns
Capacity 2 Guns
Power Requirements 5-6 bar air
Overall Dimensions (HxWxD) 1750 x 780 x 590 mm


Specialist Chemistry

Safetykleen have worked with the paint and spray equipment industry to provide a range of specially formulated chemistry for use in our Paintkleen machines to effectively clean, ensure long life and optimum performance of spray guns.

Safetykleen chemical Solvpaintpro logoprovides effective and consistent cleaning of solvent-borne / oil-borne wet paints.
  • Specialist blend of solvents with excellent solvency for a wide variety of paints
  • Fast drying, decreases worker downtime as spray guns can be re-used sooner after cleaning
  • Recycled to recover solvent, minimising waste and reducing costs
  • Compatible with conventional gravity-fed and suction spray guns
Safetykleen chemical Aquapaintpro logoprovides effective and consistent cleaning of water-borne wet paints.
  • Specialist aqueous-based chemistry developed with leading paint manufacturers
  • Reduced VOC content, classified by CLP as non-hazardous & non-flammable = improved worker safety + reduced environmental emissions
  • Compatible with conventional gravity-fed and suction spray guns, but a post-clean dry is required to help prevent rusting
Safetykleen van + SSR + blue drum trolley + JetkleenService

At Safetykleen we know that a clean spray gun is critical to achieving the perfect paint finish. Our Paintkleen spray gun cleaning machines, backed-up by our comprehensive “machine + service” packages, deliver the ultimate in cleaning performance, first time and every time.
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